Eyelashes, lashes, eyelash extensions!

Makeup Cosmetics Andover MassachusettsIn our boutique, we treat eyelash extensions like art, and for that reason, we are tremendously proud of our craft. Every client’s eyes and eyelashes vary, which means that our work with one woman could mean ultra-glamorous lashes, and our work with another might simply mean fuller, healthy-looking eyelashes.

For this reason, we recommend booking in for a consultation with us to discuss your ideal eyelashes, in the hopes that we can present you with a realistic result. We never compromise the health of a client’s eyes, and we always encourage our guests to maintain the best-practice with their lashes. Every individual is quoted a price upon consultation. This allows us to spend the correct amount of time and product on your eyes, and for you to achieve the look you’ve dreamed of.

If you are new to eyelash extensions, we require booking in for a full set, so we can initiate the quality and longevity that we stand behind. If you have already received eyelash extensions from another establishment, there is an initial fee of $150 to ensure that we can work with the lashes, which often means removal of grown out lashes.

Once you are good to go! The maintenance:

“Short & Sweet” – every 2 weeks
“Whiplash” – standard maintenance
“Lashfull” – a fuller fill
“At lash” – for those that love a lot of lash, or if it’s been longer than two weeks

*Note: Due to shed cycles, hormones, lifestyle, et al., there may be certain times a client will need more lashes than usual. Please inform one of our hosts when you are booking if you think that might be the case.

If you follow the sound advice of our experts, there will be no need for a brand new set every three months (which most companies recommend). It is absolutely necessary, however, that after this time, you come in for “Lash Rejuvenation,” which is a process that clears out grown-out lashes and restores them to their desired fullness.

Every six months marks the need for a “Fresh Fringe” – a brand new set with special pricing for our frequent “Guest Stars.”

We’re proud to offer a myriad of adhesives and eyelash options to accommodate the client who may not have been able to tolerate extensions in the past. We will do our best to find a product that works for you.

Lash club:

You become a guest star and member of our lash club when you complete a full lash cycle! A lash cycle includes a full set, routine maintenance, and a rejuvenation. This awards you with special benefits and discounts while booking appointments.

Eyelash pricing:

“Full Set”
eyelash extensions $250
w.owner $300

option for those that want lashes for a special event.
not for maintaining, or designed to last longer than a week.
Pricing includes xtreme lash mascara ($29 value) $99

2 Week fills:

our standard fill $55
w.owner $65
a fuller fill $65
w.owner $75

when it has been longer than two weeks,
or those that want to maintain hollywood lashes $80
w.owner $90

“Lash Rejuvenation”
required every 3 months $130
w.owner $150

required every 6 months
a new set for our frequent
lash lover clients $200
w.owner $250

“Hydrating eye pads”
eye treatment during lash extension service $2

a perm for your lashes $70

*you need to book at least two days in between each lash service*